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Urology is the study of the urogenital tract in both males and females. Urologists specialise in conditions which affect the bladder and kidneys in both genders as well as the male prostate and genitalia. For more information regarding female genital tract problems refer to our gynaecology section of the site.

Park Hill Hospital in South Yorkshire offers a number of treatment options in an outpatient or care admission setting dependent on the outcome of the initial clinical assessment. The consultant leading the patient’s case will then formulate a treatment plan which is agreed and adapted for each patient.

Urology treatments available:

Here at Park Hill Hospital we pride ourselves in our first-class urological surgical treatments, some of which include treatments for erectile dysfunction and incontinence:

  • Cystoscopy Flexible

    A flexible cystoscopy is a procedure to check for any problems in your bladder using a flexible fibre-optic telescope (cystoscope).
  • Cystoscopy Rigid (male)

    A rigid cystoscopy is a procedure to check for any problems in your bladder using a rigid fibre-optic telescope (cystoscope).
  • Uro-dynamics

    Tests to assess bladder function and urine flow
  • Urethrotomy

    A urethrotomy is an operation to treat a narrowing of the urethra (tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis).
  • Vasectomy (Bilateral)

    Surgery that involves cutting both the tubes (vas) that carry sperm from the testicles
  • Vasectomy (Reversal)

    Reversing a vasectomy is a procedure to re-join the tubes that were cut during a vasectomy
  • Incontinence

    Surgery may include tape/sling procedures that relieve pressure on the bladder or is used to strengthen muscles used in urination.

  • Erectile dysfunction (Impotence)

    Surgery involves clearing a blockage to the blood supply of the penis (if a blockage is already evident)

Consultants at Park Hill Hospital

At Park Hill Hospital in Doncaster we are fortunate enough to work alongside some highly skilled Urology consultants who come with the highest regards and recommendations from previous patients - many of whom are leading specialists in their field.

Park Hill Hospital can offer you a premium level of care with a unique and formulated treatment plan to suit your needs. There are numerous non-surgical options available for a variety of conditions if surgery is not an option which you would take into consideration. Our specialists on hand are happy to talk through your queries and answer any questions you may  have.

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