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Pain Management

A vast amount of people suffer from long-term pain, otherwise known as chronic pain. Pain management is vastly important to enable pain control and help patients regain their independence and in some cases their mobility.

Whatever may be causing your pain, here at Park Hill Hospital in Doncaster we will take your case seriously and professionally. Pain can be a hard to treat problem and there are numerous ways in which pain can be relieved without the use of increasingly strong painkillers. You may also be emotionally affected by your chronic/acute pain and here at Park Hill Hospital we have a range of specialists whom can help and support you through your pain management journey.

Am I Suitable for Pain Management?

There are numerous reasons why you may seek treatment for your pain. There are two types of pain – chronic pain which has lasted over three months and acute pain which has started recently.

If you suffer from acute pain the consultant will diagnose the cause of the pain and subsequently advise a treatment plan.

However, you may suffer from long standing, chronic pain. The most common types are:

  • Joint pain through arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Neck pain (including whiplash)

There are many more instances where you may suffer from chronic pain and our consultants are happy to talk through your discomfort and create the most suitable and adaptable plan for you. Suffering from long standing pain can be debilitating and we are on hand to give you support and advice.

Our Consultants

We are fortunate enough at Park Hill Hospital with consultants that specialise in the process of pain management, helping you diagnose and treat long-standing pain due to an illness with a variety of different methods. Our consultants are highly regarded in their industry and come with praise and positive feedback from previous patients.

Here at Park Hill Hospital in Doncaster we strive to help you conquer your pain management and to enable you to regain control of your lifestyle. We also help with the emotional consequences of chronic and acute pain and our specialists are happy to answer your questions and help you get started on a pain management plan.

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