Neck Lump Clinic

Neck Lump Clinic

Here at Park Hill Hospital in Doncaster our ENT specialists treat a range of medical conditions including neck lumps due to thyroid and salivary gland enlargement.

Neck lumps are one of the most common conditions faced by our ENT surgeons. One of the commonest reasons for neck lumps in women is due to enlargement of the Thyroid gland. In men it could be due to thyroid or salivary gland enlargement. In addition enlarged lymph glands and cysts can also present in men or women.

While the majority of lumps are benign, a significant minority may be due to tumours. It is therefore important to have it evaluated and investigated appropriately and possibly surgically removed if required. Surgical treatment for thyroids and Salivary glands is now undertaken at Park Hill Hospital in South Yorkshire.

Another type of enlarged gland found in the neck is an overactive parathyroid gland. While this does not usually present as a cancer, it can raise the calcium in the blood and cause kidney stones, thinning of bones and general weakness and mood changes. 

Causes of Neck lumps

The most common cause of neck lumps is due to enlarged lymph glands. Usually it is related to mild infection and harmlessly resolves. If a lump persists for more than 3 weeks it is important that it is evaluated by a clinician. Thyroid swellings are fairly common and they should be investigated and possibly surgically removed if indicated. This may be required if there is any suspicion of a tumour or if it is pressing on the windpipe or throat.

Not uncommonly neck lumps on the side of the neck may be due to the enlargement of the salivary glands, either due to a tumour or due to blockage of salivary flow. Sometimes the lumps maybe cysts from birth defects and would require removal before they cause infections or abscesses. 

Thyroid lumps

These may be either due to a liquid filled cyst or may be a solid nodule. They need to be investigated to establish the cause and if there is any suggestion of a tumour, then early removal is suggested leading to a good prognosis. Occasionally the thyroid gland may be overactive and if medical treatment is unsuccessful, removal via surgery is advised. Thyroid disease may run in families and early medical attention is generally beneficial. 

Parathyroid glands

Parathyroid glands are four in number and are generally attached to the back of the thyroid glands. They are responsible in regulating calcium in our blood and bones. In most patients they do not present as lumps per se, instead they come to our attention when the blood calcium level goes up. To the patient it causes fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, kidney stones, thinning of bones and mood changes. Once diagnosed by the physicians, surgical removal has an excellent outcome. 

Salivary Gland lumps

Lumps around the jaw bones are likely to be related to salivary glands. Slow growing painless lumps are usually related to tumours and any lump larger than 1 centimeter should be assessed by a doctor. A rapidly enlarging painful swelling (especially after meals) could be related to a blockage in the drainage of saliva and medical attention is advised as soon as possible. 

What treatment is needed for neck lumps?

In all the above scenarios treatment may range from watch and wait after establishing the diagnosis to surgery if there is any suspicion of a tumour or due to cosmesis.

Most operations are undertaken under general anaesthesia and may involve an overnight stay.

 Come to Park Hill Neck lump Clinic every Monday 5.30-7.30pm

 Mr M Shahed Quaraishi

If you are considering surgery for neck lumps or think you may have the condition our consultants at Park Hill Hospital endeavour to help you at each stage of the treatment process. Surgeries at Park Hill Hospital are on offer if you have enlarged thyroids, lymph glands, Salivary glands or overactive parathyroid glands.

Mr M Shahed Quraishi, ENT consultant, offering specialist care, treatment and advise for patients suffering with these conditions.

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