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Welcome to Footnotes newsletter, I hope you find it useful. My aim is to provide you with helpful information, contact details, and referral options for foot and ankle problems to improve patient care. Each newsletter will focus on a specific condition, containing information you may find valuable in your clinical practice.


In solidarity with our colleagues in Australia and for all those affected by the bushfires, all Ramsay UK sites and staff are hosting a fundraising activity with proceeds being donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Country Fire Authority in Victoria.


An appreciation to our Staff Nurse Ganka, who showed loyalty and commitment ensuring the safety of our patients by staying on the ward for few days due to the flooding.


A focus on a common foot condition, Neuroma. Neuroma is a thickened nerve, explained by our Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Antony Wilkinson.


A focus on the most common foot condition, hallux valgus. A condition affecting the big toe joint, explained by our Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Antony Wilkinson.